Metallurgical Testing

Suntech laboratory is set-up to offer metallurgical testing at bench and pilot scales in the areas of froth flotation, gold metallurgy, physical separation, and Comminution as well as Rheology studies. Being an accredited testing laboratory and having competent process and other engineers within our structures, we are able to handle projects of a complex nature, even at bankable feasibility levels. Basic test work would include:

  1. Detailed bench scale comminution work including BBWI, BAWI, BCWI and milling curves,
  2. Understanding of the nature of the gold in the ore body as well as the host matrix of the sample via mineralogical evaluation (SEM/XRD) combined with diagnostic leaching,
  3. Gravity amenability studies (Knelson GRG, qualitative Knelson tests, Falcon tests as well as shaking tables),
  4. Flotation concentration amenability, kinetics, locked cycle tests and detailed optimisation work,
  5. Preparation of samples for evaluation by refractory ore processing options like POX, BIOX®, UFG and others),
  6. Leach optimisation (reagent consumptions, optimal reagent additions, oxygen requirements, grind size evaluation, optimal carbon addition),
  7. Identification of major cyanicides via detailed cyanide speciation combined with metals and other elements in solution,
  8. CIL/CIP or RIL/RIP kinetic isotherms and detailed plant modelling,
  9. Settling and/or filter tests as well as Rheology tests,
  10. Low grade heap leach amenability testing (column tests),
  11. Cyanide detox evaluations (Peroxide, SMBS, Ozone and other)

Details of the testing levels and competencies are explained in the following sections.

Metallurgical Services

  • Froth Flotation
  • Gold Hydro-Metallurgy
  • Physical Separation
  • Comminution
  • Sedimentation Testing

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